European Course on Lymphatic Imagings In the Management of (Lymph)Edemas and Benign Lymphatic Pathologies – COURSE 2021 GOES VIRTUAL!

Published on: February 10, 2021

European Course on Lymphatic Imagings In the Management of (Lymph)Edemas and Benign Lymphatic Pathologies 




Dear colleagues,

Many things have changed since COVID-19 entered our lives, but one stubborn fact has remained the same: large, in-person gatherings are a public health risk. While we are all hoping for a breakthrough against the pandemic soon, public health officials are telling us it could be another year or more before we can safely go back to in-person meetings.

So today, I wish to inform you that the course will be hold entirely online. 

Course goals:

In a context in which the quality requirement in health care is becoming more and more prevalent (with, for instance, a requirement for a minimum number of patients treated for recognition in certain areas, “health care providers quality law” approved and to enter in Belgium into practice in 2021, …), it therefore seems justified if not necessary to introduce training-teaching the different imagings of the lymphatic system (Lymphoscintigraphies, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance lymphangiographies, Lympho-Fluoroscopies and others) used in the management of (lymh)edemas (and other benign lymphatic pathologies), not only theoretical but also and above all practical (diagnoses integrated in the clinic and with well understood therapeutic purposes) with expert guidance, ultimately leading to the creation of network (national and European) of exchanges of experience which also advances the body of knowledge of these lymphatic pathologies.

With delivery of Certificate of Basic and Practical Competences in Lymphatic Imaging

By the ULB Faculty of Medicine.

The certificate of “Basic” Competences in Lymphatic Imagings will also be issued by the BeSL and ESL (at the end of the 1rst course and the certificate of “Practical” Competences in Lymphatic Imagings during the ESL(/ISL) meeting in Athens (21-24/09/2021) after evaluation of the participants’ “on site” practices, their presentation of one personal work and after one last exam.

Training will include: – A contextualization of these imagings to the useful anatomical and physio-pathological data of the lymphatic system, to the clinical data of the benign pathologies for which they are prescribed, to the expectations and uses of the prescribers, – Development of methodologies in application, – Making recommendations on their achievements (from tracers to reports), – During two days, the presentation of cases-series of these imagings in their clinical context with their therapeutic implications, – Meeting of European and international experts on these topics, – The “live” case discussion with various Belgian practitioners, – Participation in the annual scientific meeting of the BeSL, an opportunity to meet the actors of the “land-region”.


Target audiences:

1) Doctors specializing in imagery (“nuclearists” and radiologists) facing these examinations as part of their specialty

2) Physicians and surgeons users of these images

3) General doctors and specialists (angeologists, phlebologists, cardio-vascular doctors, oncologists, …) prescribers of these imageries

4) Physiotherapists


People who wish to register for this course are invited to send to Prof P Bourgeois (

  • a short CV with (important) the description of their activities,
  • a letter of intent,
  • a short letter explaining their interest regarding Lymphology (and the investigations of lymphatic pathologies) and (important) their expectations for this course.
Recognized full time practitioner: 1500 Euros
Trainee:  950 Euros



550 Euros will be reimbursed to the first ten non-Belgian registrants (registered before the 1/04/2021) by the Foundation For Lymphology upon/after receipt of their final certificate (during the meeting of the International Society of Lymphology in Athens).

European Course on Lymphatic Imagings In the Management of (Lymph)Edemas and Benign Lymphatic Pathologies