European Course on Lymphatic Imagings In the Management of (Lymph)Edemas and Benign Lymphatic Pathologies

Published on: November 17, 2021

European Course on Lymphatic Imagings In the Management of (Lymph)Edemas and Benign Lymphatic Pathologies


Title Type:  continuing education

Category(s) – Thematic(s): Health – Medical Sciences

Organizing faculty(ies) and university(s): Centre for Continuing Education in Health and Life Sciences and Free University of Brussels

Language(s) of instruction: English / French

Duration of training:  50 sessions (of 2 hours each spread) over a period of one year (see further preliminary program)

Type of schedule: weekdays in the evening or/and saturday morning or/and Saturday morning and afternoon


  • 1500€ tarif plein
  • 950€ tarif réduit

(550 Euros will be reimbursed to the first ten non-Belgian registrants (registered before the 1/01/2022) by the Foundation For Lymphology upon/after receipt of their final certificate)

Contacts : Phone : 32 2 555 85 17 / mail : /

Conditions of access

All admissions are based on a file-docs.

The files-docs are to be completed directly online, on our registration platform. These are composed of questions about your academic & professional background. You will also need to upload a copy of your ID card and diploma. The training adapts to the current situation. Its quality program will therefore be given through virtual classes.


The training is designed in two stages-periods:

  • a time of theoretical, practical and clinical presentations “ex cathedra”, sanctioned by the delivery of a certificate of basic skills
  • a time of practice “on site” by the participants. These will be followed by the “group” of experts. During this period, participants are expected to implement in their practice the knowledge acquired. During this period, they remain in contact with their mentor(s), through tele-conferences and/or loco-regional meetings, during which the examinations carried out “on site” will be discussed, evaluated and if necessary corrected. This period will be sanctioned (after presentation of a work-report) by the delivery of a certificate of practical skills.

For further information on Preliminary Program DOWNLOAD THE FILE HERE.